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 Saturday June 4th. 2016

Stuart's Draft

Liquidation Sale

    !!!!    Coming Soon    !!!!   

Preview Date:

Wednesday June 29th. 9:00 A.M.

(call for details)




New Items Arrived Saturday June 4th. 2016

Single Phase Bench Lathe

Clausing/Colchester 13 X 48  Lathe (with Digital Read Out) NICE


New Items Arrived Saturday March 14th. 2016
DoAll 24" Band Saw (with Welder)
Wells-Index Vertical Milling Machine
 Surface Grinder
Sliding Arm Table Saw (2 each...big one and small one)
Rockwell Disc Sander (single phase)
Wet Dry 8" Belt Sander
Small Air Compressor (3 each)
Drill Press (2 each)
Johnson Horizontal Band Saw
South Bend Lathe (2 each)
Much More

( Hardinge Radius Attachment &Tooling, etc)



New Items Arrived Saturday April 15th. 2016

Bridgeport Milling Machine
Granite Plate


Drill Bit Optical Checker
 Belt /  Disc Sander (single phase)
Tool and Cutter Grinder
8" Wet / Dry Belt Sander
1" Belt Sander
Heat Treat Oven
  • !!!!    Check Out Our Upcoming Liquidation Sale    !!!!

Friday April 15th.,2016

Ashland Virginia Liquidation Sale 2

!!!!!!  all sold  !!!!!!



New Items Arrived Saturday March 25th. 2016
Double End Grinder (4 each)
Knife Grinder SOLD
 Horizontal Band Saw SOLD


New Items Arrived Saturday March 12th. 2016
Bridgeport Right Angle Head with Over Arm Support SOLD
Boring Head SOLD
Carbide Tooling (Lots of it) SOLD


New Items Arrived Saturday February 27th. 2016
Troyke Rotary Table SOLD


Helmold & Bros. Shear SOLD
TurnCrafter Commander Wood Lathe


 Good Selection of Tooling


New Items Arrived Saturday January 30 th. 2016

Selection of Tooling



  New Items Arrived Saturday January 9 th. 2016
Pexto 36" Rolls (2 each) SOLD
DoAll Surface Grinder
Taft Pierce Surface Grinder
Sunnen Hone
Clausing 12 X 36 Lathe
Kalamazoo 6 " Belt Sander SOLD
8" Wet or Dry Belt Sander SOLD
24" Scroll Saw SOLD
Optical Comparator
36" Startrite Variable Speed Vertical Band Saw
Double End Grinder (3 each) SOLD
Horizontal Band Saw (2 each) SOLD
Nice Rotary Table SOLD
Much Much More


  New Items Arrived Saturday January 2nd. 2016

Small Amount of




New Items Arrived Saturday December 12th. 2015
DoAll C-916 Horizontal Band Saw  SOLD

Rockwell/Delta Vertical Band Saw SOLD
Cold Saw


Sand Blast Cabinet SOLD
Hose Reels SOLD
Clausing Variable Speed Drill Press SOLD


Ridgid Pipe Threader


New Items Arrived Saturday November 28th. 2015
Good Selection of Tooling



 New Items Arrived Saturday November 14th. 2015
South Bend 14 X 40 Lathe SOLD
Air Compressor (4 each) SOLD
Bridgeport Mill (2 each) SOLD
Craftsman Professional Wood Lathe (New) SOLD
Morrison Key Seater
Bridgeport Shaping Head SOLD
Rotary Table SOLD
Index Head with Tailstock SOLD


South Bend Heavy 10 Lathe (3 each) SOLD
Delta Unisaw SOLD
Delta Shaper SOLD


Delta 8 inch Joiner


Delta Planer SOLD

Granite Plate
Pressure Washer SOLD


Horizontal Band Saw (2 each)  SOLD
Rockwell Vertical Band Saw SOLD


Multi Head Drill Press on Cast Iron Table SOLD
Shear SOLD


Indoor Shooting Range  SOLD


Tons & Tons (literally) of Tooling


 Load of the YEAR!!!!


 New Items Arrived Saturday October 17th. 2015
small amount of tooling



 New Items Arrived Saturday September 26th. 2015
Knife Grinding Machine SOLD


Mill Rite Milling Machine (2 each)
Grinding Machine with Collets


13" South Bend Lathe (2 each) SOLD


9" South Bend Lathe SOLD


Cold Saw SOLD
Do All  Vertical Band Saw


Do All Surface Grinder
Granite Plate SOLD


Heat Treat Oven  SOLD


 New Items Arrived Saturday September 5th. 2015
Power Rolls SOLD


 New Items Arrived Saturday August 29th. 2015
12 X 36 Sheldon Lathe  SOLD
13 X 60 South Bend Lathe SOLD


 New Items Arrived Saturday July 25th. 2015
Very Large "V" Block Set SOLD
4 Foot Shear
Tap Burning Machine
Pexto Finger Brake with Back Gage SOLD
Atlas Jointer
Vertical Air Compressor SOLD
Belt Sander SOLD
Belt and Disc Sander SOLD
Walker-Turner Table Saw
Oliver Grinder SOLD
Double End Grinder (2 each)


 New Items Arrived Saturday July 25th. 2015

very small amount of




 New Items Arrived Saturday July 18th. 2015

small amount of




 New Items Arrived Saturday July 11th. 2015




 New Items Arrived Saturday July 4th. 2015

!!!!!!   TOOLING  !!!!!!





July 4 th.

 Saturday at Dempsey's

"Happy 91 st. Birthday "

Bill Hargrave



Featured Items for Saturday June 20th. 2015
South Bend Lathe  SOLD

17" Swing X 110" Centers


3 Jaw Chuck with Reversible Jaws, Plain Backed 4 Jaw Chuck, Micrometer Carriage Stop, Jacobs Ball Bearing Chuck, Live Center, 4 Way Tool Holder, Flame Hardened Ways,

7.5 horsepower Motor, Clutch-Brake on Spindle, Separate Feed and Lead Screw, 3 1/4 " Hole Thru Spindle, Threading Dial



Clausing Lathe SOLD


 New Items Arrived Saturday June 20th. 2015
Large Radial Drill Press
Bridgeport Milling Machine SOLD
DoAll Vertical Band Saw SOLD
Large "Tomb Stone" SOLD
Plasma Cutter SOLD
Bench Vise SOLD
Arbor Press (2 each)  SOLD
Optical Comparator
Rotary Screw Air Compressor
Carolina Horizontal Band Saw SOLD


 New Items Arrived Saturday May 30th. 2015
Good Assortment of Drill Bits, Reamers and Miscellaneous


Bridgeport Shaper Head (single phase) SOLD


Martin Sliding Arm Table Saw



 New Items Arrived Saturday May 23rd. 2015
Alliant Vertical Milling Machine

Variable Speed...Power Feed...Newell Digital Readout...Nice

Bridgeport Vertical Milling Machine SOLD
Miller Syncrowave 250 Welder... single phase SOLD
Monarch Lathe
Loads of Tooling


 New Items Arrived Saturday April 11th. 2015
Scroll Saw SOLD

Rockwell Wood/Metal Bandsaw SOLD

Craftsman Bench Lathe SOLD
Craftsman Jointer
Delta Drill Press SOLD

First Rainbow of the Year Not SOLD



 New Items Arrived Saturday April 4th. 2015
Snap On Mig Welder SOLD
Lincoln Welder SOLD
  13" Engine Lathe SOLD
Smithy Lathe Mill Combination




Jet Lathe 13 X 20 SOLD
Granite Surface Plates SOLD
Kalamazoo Horizontal Band Saw SOLD
Johnson Horizontal Band Saw SOLD
Parts Washer SOLD
Drill Press SOLD
Scroll Saw SOLD
Cut Off Saw SOLD
Air Compressor 3HP  SOLD
Valve Grinder SOLD
Corner Notcher SOLD
Vacuum Pump SOLD
Wood Lathe SOLD
Delta Drill Press SOLD

Craftsman Radial Arm Saw




 New Items Arrived Saturday March 28th. 2015
Delta Drill Press (3 Head) Cast Iron Table SOLD

36" Wide Belt Sander
Hydraulic Shear 60" X 16 gage  SOLD


Planer 24" SOLD
Pneumatic Miter Saw SOLD
American Spot Welder SOLD

Model No. R Serial Number 701


Belt Sander (2 each) SOLD
Whirlwind Up Cut Saw SOLD
Abrasive Cut off Saw (single phase) SOLD
Sheldon Lathe SOLD
.....Lots of Tooling.....



 New Items Arrived Saturday January 31st. 2015
Excellent Selection of Tooling
3 Stanley Vidmar Cabinets SOLD


 New Items Arrived Saturday January 3rd. 2015
Piranha Hydraulic Iron Worker SOLD
Good supply of tooling


 New Items Arrived Saturday December 6th. 2014
Johnson Horizontal Bandsaw SOLD
Craftsman Drill Press (2 each) SOLD
Small Vertical Bandsaw SOLD
Large Drill Press (2 each) SOLD
Moore Jig Borer SOLD
Small  Milling Machine...R-8...With vise and tooling SOLD
Snap On Brake Lathe
Large Granite Plate SOLD


 New Items Arrived Saturday November 29 th. 2014
!!!!    Good Load of Small Tooling Arriving on Saturday November 29th.   !!!!


 New Items Arrived Saturday November 22nd. 2014
Sensitive Drill Press SOLD
Pexto Sheet Metal Notcher SOLD



Hardinge HLVH Lathe  (nice) SOLD


Vibratory Parts TumblerSOLD
Aloris Tooling, Kurt Vise, Micrometers,etcSOLD


 New Items Arrived Saturday November 8th. 2014
South Bend 13 X 50 LatheSOLD
Carbide GrinderSOLD
Pedestal GrinderSOLD
Scissor Lift Table (2 each)
Table Saw (Late Model)


Tree Milling MachineSOLD


Horizontal Belt SanderSOLD
Air Compressor (2 each)
Small Vertical Band SawSOLD


 New Items Arrived Saturday October 25th. 2014
PowerCon Welder (2 each)SOLD
Sensitive Drill Presses (3 each)SOLD


 Liquidation Sale Friday October 17th. 2014

!!!!!!   Please Note !!!!!

 machine shop liquidation sale

Including about 40 machines...2 Prototrac CNC 2 Axis Milling Machines...Arbor Press...Miller Syncrowave Welder...Startrite Horizontal Band Saw...Puma CNC Lathe...Excello Vertical Milling Machine...Sharp 17 X 40 Lathe...Tons and Tons of Tooling











 New Items Arrived Saturday September 27th. 2014
Ajax Milling Machine SOLD

(Large capacity...Digital Read Out...Horizontal/Vertical...Number 50 Taper)

South Bend Heavy 10 Lathe SOLD

(Loaded with Tooling)

Bridgeport 2 Hp Vertical Milling Machine SOLD
Cincinnati Vertical Milling Machine SOLD

 (With Shaping Head...Power Table Feed)

South Bend Turnado 17" Lathe
DoAll Geared Head Drill Press SOLD
PowerMatic Drill Press (2 Each) SOLD
Pedestal Grinder SOLD


 New Items Arrived Saturday September 20th. 2014
Clausing Lathe



Small Amount of Tooling



 New Items Arrived Saturday September 6th.2014
Hossfeld No. 2 Bender SOLD
Trace-A-Punch (1/4 " capacity)
Belt Sander SOLD


 New Items Arrived Saturday August 30th. 2014

2 Vertical Milling Machines SOLD


 Bridgeport Milling Machine SOLD


 Sharp (with three axis Servo Feeds,Digital Readout, Kurt Vise)



   Hardinge HLVH Lathe      SOLD

(Not Nice... Super Nice)


20" Rockwell/Delta Metal Cutting Vertical Bandsaw SOLD


Panel Saw SOLD


Table Saw SOLD


Powermatic Belt and Disc Sander  SOLD



Vidmar Cabinet  SOLD




20 " Delta Variable Speed Single Phase Drill Press SOLD



 New Items Arrived Saturday August 16th. 2014
30" Sheet Metal Rolls SOLD
Bench Top Metal Lathe SOLD
Scroll Saw SOLD
EnerPac Hydraulic Knock Out SOLD
Air Lift Table
12" Wood Lathe
Small Shaper (2 each)
Aloris Tooling SOLD
Carbide Lathe Tooling SOLD
Small H Frame press SOLD
4" Jointer SOLD


 New Items Arrived Saturday August2nd. 2014
Bridgeport Milling Machine
Standard Modern 13" Lathe SOLD
Belt Disc Sander ( Single Phase)
Scissor Lift (Two Each) SOLD
Clark Electric Pallet Jack (With Charger)
MillPort  20" Lathe SOLD


 New Items Arrived Saturday July 26th. 2014
Much Small Tooling


Craftsman Bench Lathe  SOLD
New Wood Lathe (4 each)
Small metal Lathe (needs TLC) SOLD
Small jointer SOLD


 New Items Arrived Saturday July 19th. 2014
Whitney Hand Punch SOLD
Kurt 6" Milling Vise SOLD
Famco Arbor Press (2 each) SOLD
Pexto Finger Brake with Back Gage SOLD


Some Tooling SOLD

Aloris Tool Holder, Yuasa 5-C Index, Granite Surface Plates, Index Head, Bridgeport Boring Head, Steel Surface plates, Good Assortment of Drills and Reamers, Bores Mic's ETC.



 New Items Arrived Saturday June 28th. 2014
Bridgeport Milling Machine SOLD
Air Dryer
Small Lathe SOLD
Large Lathe SOLD
Kurt Vise (4 each) SOLD
Boyer-Schultz Surface Grinder
Parts Finishing Machine SOLD
Metal Spinning Lathe
50 Ton Bottle Jack SOLD
Mortise Machine (2 each)
Cutting Torch Set SOLD
Aloris Tool Post SOLD
....Large Load of Tooling....



New Items Arrived Saturday June 14th. 2014

Delta 8 Inch Jointer (Single Phase)


Rockwell Shaper (Single Phase) SOLD



Pexto 3 Foot 16 Gage Shear SOLD


MSC 1" Blade Welder SOLD

This Week's

(Week of June 14th)

 Featured Items:


     I. VDF  Lathe Model 630 SOLD

Swing 26 inch...Center Distance 59 inch....Swing over gap 34.5 inch...Digital Readout...Inch and Metric... Manufactured by Vereinigte Drehbank- Fabriken Hamburg, Germany...25 Horsepower...Three Jaw Chuck...Face Plate...Tool Holder...Dead Center...Ways are Excellent

     II.  Sunnen Honing Machine SOLD  


     III. Duck Lift

     IV. Index Milling Machine SOLD

Variable Speed...48 inch Table...Single Phase





 New Items Arrived Saturday May 31st. 2014
....Large Load of Tooling....
Granite Surface Plate


Gersner Machinist's Tool Boxes (2 each) SOLD
Lincoln Mig Welder (120 Volts)



Small Jointer (2 each)
Newman 24" Planer



Table Saw (2 each) SOLD
Drill Press SOLD
Bench Vises SOLD


 New Items Arrived Saturday May 17th. 2014
!!!!!           Big Assortment of Tooling           !!!!

(Literally 1000's of Items)


DoAll 16 X 60 Engine Lathe with Digital Read Out SOLD

DoAll Model C-12 Horizontal Band Saw SOLD


Double End Grinder SOLD
Kick Press  SOLD
Kurt Vises (2 each)  SOLD
Vidmar Cabinet SOLD


 New Items Arrived Saturday May 2nd. 2014
Powermatic Band Saw  SOLD


Delta Jointer

Spindle Sander SOLD


Powermatic Disc Sander   SOLD


Belt Sander SOLD


 New Items Arrived Saturday April 26th.
Starrett Granite Surface Plate 30" X 72" X 12"with Stand SOLD
Granite Surface Plate 36" X 72" X 16" with Stand SOLD
Nichols Hand Milling Machine SOLD
GTS Hydraulic Punch SOLD
Ikegi Lathe  20" X 80" (nice) SOLD
DoAll Model ML Vertical Band Saw SOLD
16' Jointer SOLD
Alliant 3 HP Milling Machine SOLD


With Digital Readout...Power Cross Feed...Power Longitudinal Feed...Power Knee ...42" Table...Kurt Milling Vise

Exceptionally Nice

DoAll Vertical Milling Machine SOLD
Die Lift Table SOLD
Baldor Double End Grinder SOLD
Carbide Grinder SOLD
Small Granite Plates with Stands (3 each) SOLD
Single Phase Drill Press SOLD
Large Buffer (2 each) SOLD


 New Items Arrived Saturday April 19th.
DoAll 36" Band Saw SOLD
Miller Gasoline Powered Welder SOLD
Cincinnati Vertical Milling Machine SOLD


Small Dust Collector SOLD
Dewalt Large Radial Arm Saw
Clausing Drill Press SOLD


 New Items Arrived Saturday March 29th.
Jet  "Roll/Shear/Finger" Brake Like New



Atlas Planer (single phase) SOLD



     !!!!! Small !!!!!!     




 New Item Arrived Saturday March 22nd.
Pexto Finger Brake SOLD


Turnmaster 13 X 30 Lathe SOLD


Some Small Tooling



 New Item Arrived Saturday February 22nd.
 Buffalo 18 inch Drill Press
DoAll 26 inch Vertical Band Saw SOLD
Bar Brooks Manual Punch
Elgin Wonder Bender
Blohm 816 Surface Grinder SOLD
Summit Horizontal/Vertical Mill SOLD
Miller Syncrowave 300 Welder (Single Phase)

Whitney-Jensen 18 Ga X 96 inch Hand Powered Apron Brake SOLD
DoAll 36" Vertical Band Saw with blade welder Nice
Atlas 12 Ton Arbor Press SOLD
ACCO Abrasive Cut Off Saw SOLD
Devilibiss 15 HP Air Compressor
Die Lift Table SOLD
Delta 10" Unisaw SOLD
Diacro Corner Notcher SOLD
7.5 HP Rotary Screw Air Compressor
Plus More...


 New Item Arrived Saturday February 8th.
 Bridgeport Mill (Digital Readout, Power Feed) Nice SOLD
15 X 40 Clausing Colchester Lathe  Nicer SOLD
Ingersol-Rand Air Compressor SOLD
Stanley-Vidmar Cabinet SOLD
Oliver Wood Lathe SOLD
Carbide Grinder SOLD
24 Foot (Ex-UHaul) Truck? SOLD
Delta Unisaw SOLD
Kurt Vises (3 each) SOLD


 New Item Arrived Saturday January 18th.
 Cincinnati Tray Top Lathe SOLD



 New Items Arrived Saturday January 11th.
 Rotary Table SOLD
Jib Boom SOLD
Wells Horizontal Band Saw (2 each) SOLD
Craftsman Vertical Band Saw (4 each) (2) SOLD
Large Stanley/ Vidmar Cabinet
Tool Box
Delta Planer (12")
Craftsman Lathe
 Bridgeport Milling Machine SOLD


 New Items Arrived Saturday January 4th.

20 Inch Jointer



 New Items Arrived Saturday December 28th.

Small Tooling

(anvil, indexing rotary table, angle plates, carbide tooling, radius dresser,calipers, carbide tooling, coleets etc.)




 New Items Arrived Saturday December 21st.
Rockwell Lathe


Foley-Belsaw Planer SOLD



 New Items Arrived Saturday December 7th.
Bridgeport Milling Machine (3 each)  2 SOLD
Miller Mig Welder (Single Phase)
Hypertherm Plasma Cutter SOLD
Vertical Band Saw SOLD
18" Porter Cable Jointer  SOLD
Table Saws (3 each)
Scissor Lift Table
Bench Vise  SOLD
Belts Sanders
Wells Horizontal Band Saw SOLD
Automotive Floor Jack
Large Industrial Dust Collector
Scroll Saw  SOLD
Belt Sander
Craftsman Belt sander


 New Items Arrived Saturday November 30th.
Some Small Tooling  SOLD



 New Items Arrived Saturday November 23rd.
Baldor Bench Grinder (single phase)  SOLD
Rockwell Vertical Band Saw (single phase) SOLD
Delta Table Saw (single phase)
Powermatic Table Saw
Small Shaper  SOLD
Delta Table Saw (2 each) SOLD
12" Delta Planer SOLD
Powermatic Model 66 Wood Lathe (2 each)  1 SOLD


 New Items Arrived Saturday November 9th.
Greenlee Hydraulic Tubing Bender



Bridgeport Milling Machine (2 each)  1 SOLD
Stanley Vidmar Cabinet  SOLD

(40 drawers!)



 Hydraulic Cylinder and Power Supply  SOLD


100 Ton H Frame Press  SOLD


Electro-Hydraulic Lift Table  SOLD
Belt Sander (2 each)  SOLD
Clausing Variable Speed Drill Press ( Single Phase)  SOLD


Ratchet Style Arbor Press  SOLD
Bench Vises (3 each)  SOLD
Miller 2 Spool Mig Welder  SOLD




 New Items Arrived Saturday October 26th.

!!!Some Small Tooling!!!!




 New Items Arrived Saturday October 19th.
Ratchet Style Arbor Press  SOLD
Small Bench Top Shear  SOLD
Troyke 8" Rotary Table  SOLD
Victor Track Burner  SOLD
Butterfly Die Filer  SOLD
Small Scroll Saw  SOLD
Kennedy Tool Boxes  SOLD
Bench Vises  SOLD
Key Cutting Machine  SOLD




Balancing Rolls


Granite Surface Plates  SOLD
Keyless Chucks,Drills,Reamers etc.


 New Items Arrived Saturday October 12th.
Lots and Lots






 Liquidation Sale Saturday September 21st.

   Local Shop to be completely Liquidated  


(Most All)



Wells- index Vertical Mill (2 each)
Enterprise Lathe
South Bend Shaper  SOLD
Cincinnati Tray Top Lathe
End Mill Sharpener  SOLD
Drill Bit Sharpner  SOLD
Drill Presses  SOLD
DoAll Vertical Bandsaw   SOLD
Horizontal Bandsaw  SOLD
Tig Welder  SOLD 
H Frame Press  SOLD
More items to come!!!


 New Items Arrived Saturday September 7th.
Large Amount of Machinery &Tooling  SOLD
Bridgeport Milling Machine (2 each)  SOLD
12 X 40 Engine Lathe with gap bed,collet closer,3 & 4 jaw chucks  SOLD
Hydraulic "H" Frame Press (2each)  1 SOLD
10" Delta Table Saw  SOLD
Powermatic 24" Planer with knife sharpener  SOLD
16 Ga. Hydraulic Shear 48" (new)
Die Lift Table
36 " Sheet Metal Rolls (2each)  SOLD
Sheet Flanging Tools  SOLD
Miller "Tig" Welder (Single Phase)  SOLD
Walker-Turner Metal Cutting Band Saw
Small Drill Press  SOLD
Large "Gun" Safe


New Items Arrived Saturday July 27th.
Large Amount of Tooling  SOLD


New Items Arrived Saturday July 20th.
Delta/Rockwell Shaper (single phase)  SOLD


New Items Arrived Saturday July 13th.

Lathe (German Made) 36" Swing X 72" Bed Digital Read Out



Lathe German Made 16" Swing X 60" Bed Digital Read Out SOLD

Also, Nice


Startrite Horizontal Band Saw Automatic


Welding Fume Extractor  SOLD


New Items Arrived Saturday May 25th.
Scroll Saw  SOLD
10 " Table Saw SOLD
Drill Press  SOLD
 Rockwell Wood Lathe (single phase) SOLD
Shaper SOLD
Jointer  SOLD
Planer  SOLD
Router with Router Stand SOLD
Various Bar Clamps and "C" Clamps cutters and hand tools


New Items Arrived Saturday May 18th.
Bridgeport Vertical Milling Machine SOLD
Mori-Seki 14" X 50" Lathe SOLD
Haas VF-2 Machining Center

(better than excellent)

!!!!!!               Pictures coming soon            !!!!!!


Central Machine Milling Machine SOLD
Small CNC Mill SOLD
Central  Machinery Drill Press SOLD
H Frame Press
Bench Drill Press SOLD


New Items Arrived Saturday May 11th.
Powermatic Belt Sander 2 each SOLD
Powermatic 12 in Table Saw SOLD
Grizzly 12 Jointer SOLD
Delta Drill Press (Single Phase) 2 each SOLD


New Items Arrived Saturday April 27th.
Bridgeport Milling Machine Dove Tail Ram (2 each) 1 SOLD and Excello Milling Machine (1 each)


Jet Drill Press Single Phase


Bridgeport Milling Machine Round Over Arm Digital Readout SOLD


H Frame Hydraulic Press SOLD
Clausing Lathe 13 X 50 SOLD


Precision 500 Horizontal and Vertical Mill SOLD


Granite Surface Plate SOLD



!!!!!! Much small Stuff !!!!!!

Rotary Tables, Milling Machine Vises, Aloris Tool Holders, Milling Cutters, Drills, Reamers, Indicator, Etc.


New Items Arrived Saturday April 20th.
National  Lathe 24 X 12 Foot with Gap Bed, Digital Readout, Aloris Tool Holder SOLD
Bridgeport Milling Machine with Digital Readout SOLD
Hol-Zer Edge Bander with High Frequency
Buck 6 Jaw Chuck SOLD
Much, Much Tooling


New Items Arrived Saturday February 2nd.
South Bend Milling Machine
G & E Shaper
Lagun Vertical Milling Machine with Servo Feed SOLD
Cincinnati Vertical Milling Machine SOLD
Clausing Lathe SOLD
Jet 36" Bandsaw with blade welder
10 Foot Sheet metal Brake
Sunnen Honing Machine


New Items Arrived Saturday January 5th.
Rotary Screw Air Compressor
Some Tooling


Machine Shop Liquidation Sale Saturday December 28th. and 29th.


Machine Shop Liquidation Sale


December 29th.

ON LOCATION: 2413-J Wolf Trap Road, Yorktown, VA 23692

9 A.M. till 2 P.M.

Phone    804.355.1619   for Details

Note: Owner lost his lease...All items must be moved from the premises...

Everything SOLD


2 CNC Lathes...Forklift



Bridgeport Milling Machines (3 each)

























New Items Arrived Saturday December 8th.
Bergmaster Turret Drill SOLD
Gatti Hydraulic Squaring Shear 10 Foot X 16 Gauge (Like New)

Johnson Forge
10" Cold Saw SOLD
Heat Treating Oven
Air Compressor (2 each) SOLD
DoAll Roll In Saw SOLD



New Items Arrived Tuesday November 20th.
Millrite Vertical Milling Machine SOLD!
Logan Lathe
Optical Comparator


New Items Arrived Saturday November 10th.
Burny 3 CNC Plasma Cutter SOLD!


Clausing Lathe 12 X 36
H Frame Shop Press SOLD!
Optical Comparator
CNC Milling Machine

Sandblast Cabinet (New)

Delta Drill Press SOLD
Delta Jointer SOLD!
Scroll Saw (2each) SOLD
Machinist's Tool Boxes SOLD!
Dividing Head SOLD!
Index Head SOLD!
Much...Much Tooling



New Items Arrived Saturday October 6th.
Rivett 10" Lathe  SOLD!

(with 3 Jaw, 4 Jaw, Face plate Steady and Follow Rest 5-C Collet Chuck)

Ratchet Arbor Press (2 each) SOLD!
Small Punch Press (2 each)
Drill Press (10 each) SOLD!
10 X 36 Engine Lathe with Sony DRO SOLD!
5 HP Wood Shaper (Like New) SOLD

Small Spot Welder with Stand SOLD!
2 HP Table Saw with Fence SOLD!
Delta Unisaw SOLD!

Porter-Cable Belt Sander (4 each) (2 SOLD)
Contractors Saw (new in box) SOLD!
Air Operated Scissor Lift SOLD!


Whitney-Jenson Foot Operated Press SOLD!
Air-Hydraulic Press SOLD!
Pexto 3 Foot Shear SOLD
Craftsman 4" Joiner SOLD!

Hydraulic Die Lift Table (3 each)  SOLD!


New Items Arrived Saturday September 15th.
South Bend 10"  Lathe SOLD
8" Wallace Joiner (single phase) SOLD!
QuikSwitch 2 Tooling SOLD!
10" Rotary Table SOLD!
Heat Treat Oven SOLD!
Lincoln Single Phase Tig Welder SOLD!
Acer CNC 2 Axis Vertical Mill SOLD!

with Power Drawbar and R-8 Tooling



 New Items Arrived Saturday August 31st.
Harrison Lathe SOLD!

with taper with Dorian Tool Holder with Follow Rest with Steady Rest with Coolant

Nice Lathe


Some Tooling SOLD!


 New Items Arrived Saturday August 18th.
Jet Bench Lathe SOLD!



 New Items Arrived Saturday August 4th.
10X24 Logan Lathes (3 each) (1 SOLD! )


Sand Blast Cabinet


Forge SOLD!


Bar Folder(2 each) (1 SOLD!)


Pexto Finger Brake SOLD!
Clausing /Kondia Mill SOLD!


 New Items Arrived Saturday July 28th.
 Lots of Tooling SOLD!

Kurt vises, Rotary table...Good Load of Stuff


 New Items Arrived Saturday July 21st.
Variable Speed Bridgeport Milling Machine  with Digital Readout SOLD!
Miller Syncrowave 300 Amp Welder with Radiator SOLD!
Kalamazoo 10" Chop Saw
Dake 3A-1 Arbor Press with Stand SOLD!
Table Saw SOLD!
Vertical Band Saw SOLD!
Heinrich Punch with 8" Throat
2 Kurt and 4 Bridgeport Milling Vises SOLD!
10 X 24 Sharp  Lathe (Single Phase) SOLD!

Selection of Tooling...Don't Miss This Sale



 New Items Arrived Saturday July 14th.
14 X 40 Clausing Lathe (20.4" over gap) (2 each) SOLD!



 New Items Arrived Saturday July 7th.
J-Line Vertical Bandsaw SOLD!

Powermatic Model66 Table saw 5HP SOLD!


Rockwell 12" X 36" Lathe SOLD!


Rockwell Horizontal Mill SOLD!


Tooling,ETC SOLD!



 New Items Arrived Saturday Jun 30th.
Granite Surface Plate with 2' X3' Stand SOLD!
2' X 4' Scissor Lift with Castors SOLD!
3' X 5' Air Over Oil Scissor Lift SOLD!
Argobota Gear Head Drill Press
Orbit 12 Speed Bench Drill SOLD!
Rockwell Delta Radial Drill Press SOLD!
Shop Fox Wood Lathe (New)
Flammable Fire Proof Cabinet
Lincoln Ideal-Arc AC/DC Welder (single phase)
Bench Vise with Stand
Signode Strapping Machine

                                              DoAll Vertical Band Saw with Hydraulic Table

Granite Surface Plates SOLD!


 New Items Arrived  Saturday Jun 23rd.
14.5" X 36" South Bend Lathe SOLD!



Homemade 20" Band Saw SOLD!
Powermatic Model 66 Table Saw SOLD!


Rockwell 12" Planer (single  phase) SOLD!


Niagara Open ended Stomp Shear
No. 50 tooling and Vidmar Carts SOLD!
EnerPac Hydraulic Press 30 Ton SOLD!
Plate Chamfering Machine


 New Items Arrived Saturday Jun 16th.
Pexto Shear SOLD!
8" Kurt Milling Vise with Swivel Base  SOLD!
8" Palmgren Rotary Table  SOLD!
Powermatic Table Saw SOLD!
Vertical Band Saw SOLD!
Speedy-Melt Furnace SOLD!


Johnson Forge  SOLD!



 New Items Arrived Saturday Jun 2nd.
LeBlond Regal 15 X 60 Lathe  SOLD!
South Bend Heavy 10 X 24 Lathe with Taper and Collet Closer  SOLD!
Clausing 12 X 36 Lathe  SOLD!
Precision Drill Press SOLD!
Belt Disc Sander SOLD!
Manual Hydraulic Lift SOLD!


End Mill Sharpener SOLD!


Older Engraving Machine
McCulloch  Hydraulic Press


Famco Milling Machine with Clausing Variable Speed Head SOLD!
Small Amount of Tooling SOLD!


 New Items Arrived  Saturday May26th.
Lap Master Lapping Machine (New)  SOLD!



Vibratory Parts Deburrer SOLD!
Rockwell Drill Press  SOLD!
Bewo Cold Saw  SOLD!
Carbide Grinder SOLD!


Very Large Quantity of New Items Arrived Saturday May12th.


Large Dumont Broach Set  SOLD!
Bridgeport Rotary table SOLD!
Large Troyke Rotary Table
DiaForm Wheel Forming Machine
Dake Arbor Press SOLD!
Procunier Tapping Heads SOLD!
Rockwell Tapping Head SOLD!
Good Assortment of Angle Plates (New) SOLD!
Small Bench Grinder  SOLD!
Jacobs Rubber-Flex Collect Chuck and Collets SOLD!
Dumore Tool Post Grinder  SOLD!
Electric Drill Sharpener
Gorton Engraver with type
6" Jointer SOLD!
Yates-American Shaper...Single Phase (Wood) SOLD!
12" Wood Planer


Powermatic 14" Table Saw Model 34A  SOLD!
Porter-Cable 10" Belt Sander SOLD!
Sheet Metal Deburring Machine
MAS Radial Arm Drill Press SOLD!
Carlton Radial Arm Drill Press  SOLD!
Delta 15' Drill Press  SOLD!
Clausing Variable Speed 15" Drill Press (Nice)  2 each  (1) SOLD!
Walker-Turner Radial Drill Press (single phase)  SOLD!
Bridgeport Milling Machine (2 each)  SOLD!
Gorton Milling Machine SOLD!
Black Diamond Drill Grinder (2 each)
12 X 36 Craftsman Lathe SOLD!
13 X 40 Clausing Lathe  SOLD!
3 in 1 Sheet Metal Machine  SOLD!


New Items Arrived Saturday April 21st.
Loads and Loads of New Woodworking Tooling SOLD!
Aloris CX Tool Holder (new) SOLD!
Machine Vises SOLD!


New Items Arrived Saturday April12th.
Bridgeport Variable Speed Milling Machine with Power Feed SOLD!
Logan Lathe
10 HP Rotary Phase Converter SOLD!
"Tee" Drill
Lincoln Single Phase Welder SOLD!
Matco Single Phase Mig Welder SOLD!
Jet Drill Press SOLD!
Craftsman Drill Press  SOLD!
Magnetic Base Drill Press SOLD!
Miller Syncrowave 300 Tig Welder SOLD!
Coming Next Week:

1/2" Plate  Roller 4 Foot Wide SOLD!,24" Abrasive Cut Off Saw, Man Lift SOLD!


New Items Arrived Saturday March 31st.
Delta Unisaw (Single Phase) SOLD!
Like New Pallet Shelving
Large Sandblast Cabinet SOLD!


Cincinnati Vertical/Horizontal Milling Machine  SOLD!


New Items Arrived Saturday March 17th.
Large Radial Drill Press SOLD!
Tool Craft Wood Shaper  SOLD!


Scroll Saw  SOLD!
32" Shear SOLD!
14" Single Phase Band Saw  SOLD!


Craftsman Drill Press  SOLD!


7 HP Vertical Air Compressor  SOLD!


German made Cold Saw Single Phase SOLD!

(With Air vise and Air Compressor (Built as 1 unit))


M31 6" Jointer
Ricon Wood Lathe  (with Bed Extension) SOLD!

Hardinge DV-59 Lathe
1000# Capacity Lift Table SOLD!
Bridgewood Dust Collector Single Phase  SOLD!
Rockwell Horizontal Band Saw SOLD!
Small Radial Drill Press SOLD!
Rockwell 8" Jointer (single phase)  SOLD!
LeBlond Regal Lathe 18 X180 (3 each)  (1) SOLD!
DoAll 20" Vertical Band Saw with power Feed Table SOLD!
Davis Key Seater with Tooling SOLD!


New Items Arrived Saturday March 3rd.
Sunnen Honing Machine SOLD!
Delta Scroll Saw SOLD!


New Items Arrived Saturday February 25th.
Powermatic Wood Lathe (2 each)  SOLD!


Powermatic Planer 16" SOLD!


Southbend 13" Lathe (2 each) (1) SOLD!
LeBlond Regal Servo-Shift Engine Lathe  14X 40 SOLD!

Marvel Power Hack Saw SOLD!
Large Double End Buffer SOLD!
Darex End Mill Sharpener SOLD!
Atlas Bench Lathe SOLD!

Live center...Dead Center...Steady Rest...Follow Rest...Milling attachment...Aloris type Tool Holder



Small Horizontal Mill SOLD!
Small Vertical Band Saw SOLD!
Small Dividing Head  SOLD!
X-Y Table (3 each) SOLD!
Rotary Table (2 each) SOLD!
5 Marquette Welders (2 with High Frequency)  SOLD!
Magna Shopsmith Radial Arm Saw
Rail Maker Lockforming Machine 22-24 Gage
Much Much More



New Items Arrived Saturday February 18th.
Cinicinatti Vertical Toolmaster Vertical Milling  Machine SOLD!
Brown and Sharpe Surface Grinder SOLD!

{2  Axis Automatic with Electromagnet Chuck...220 volts 3 Phase}



Hendy 12 X 40 Lathe SOLD!
Powermatic 20" Vertical Wood cutting Band Saw

Single Phase



New Items Arrived Saturday January 28th.
Ingersol-Rand Vertical Air Compressor SOLD!


Ingersol-Rand Horizontal Air Compressor
Ingersol-Rand Air Dryer SOLD!


Air Chiller SOLD!



New Items Arrived Saturday January 21st
Bridgeport Variable Speed Milling Machine  SOLD!
Bridgeport Step pulley Milling Machine SOLD!
Heat Treating Oven  SOLD!
 LeBlond Lathe 17 X 140  SOLD!
Large Rotary Table  SOLD!
Valve Grinding Machine  SOLD!
C Frame Punch  SOLD!
Craftsman Swinging Arm Saw  SOLD!